Salmon Products:

  • “Classic” Cold Smoked Atlantic Salmon
  • “Maple Pepper” Cold Smoked Atlantic Salmon
  • “The Double Barrel” Double Cold Smoked Atlantic Salmon
  • Old World Gravadlax
  • “Blueberry” New World Gravadlax
  • Fresh, whole-round, head-on, gutted salmon

All items are available in the following formats for export:

Whole sides unsliced, whole sides sliced, portion packs sliced random weights or portion packs sliced fixed weights form 100 grams per package to 200 grams per package


Live Lobster:

Our “hard shell only” live lobster is shipped across North America and around the globe on a daily basis. It is all hand selected to guarantee quality and weight. It is an amazing product!


Frozen Lobster:

Our frozen lobster in processed from hard shell lobster taken in cold waters during the spring lobster season on PEI. It is hand processed and picked for its quality and amazing succulence. We offer it in three formats- Lobster tails (3-4 oz, 4-5 oz, 5-6 oz, 6-7 oz and 7-8 oz.)

Claw Knuckle Meat- Frozen 1 lb bags and also offer frozen whole blanched lobster in various sizes. Perfect for large functions, and for those extra special buffets.


PEI Premium Choice Oysters

Our oysters come from any of hand selected, family owned and operated oyster companies on the island. We work with oyster growers whose focus is much like ours; they produce the highest quality, freshest premium choice product all of the time.

Our oysters are all hand harvested and are Ocean Wise Certified. They are hand selected for their premium choice grade and only available to us by a select group of serious oyster growers. We have then available in 12 and 18 packs for retail sales and in 100 ct. boxes for foodservice, restaurants and catering companies or for loose sales in retail settings as well.


PEI Mussels

Our mussels are farmed and cultivated from the cold, pristine, heavily nutrient waters in the bays, inlets, coves and rivers of Prince Edward Island. We only purchase the highest quality mussels from leading producers on PEI.


Fresh Scallops

Our scallops come from very specific harvesting areas in the world; right here at home when they are in season in and around PEI, off of the Eastern coast of the United States, the Baja peninsula and from British Columbia. Most of our scallops are diver harvested in pristine protected waters. All of them are either MSC or Ocean Wise certified.