Classic Cold Smoked Atlantic Salmon

Our in house made cold smoked Atlantic salmon is made by using only tried, true old world methods. We start with the freshest North Atlantic Salmon fillets, organic sea salt and natural wood smoked from hand cut Alder wood from Prince Edward Island. We use a “still smoking” method for our cold smoking. Our cold smoked salmon is an artisanal, small-batch, handcrafted authentic product. In an era where food is produced faster, for more profit and less about quality, we have stayed the course and never waiver from our principles of providing quality and consistency first and foremost. To this we guarantee what we sell to you, our valued customer.


 Maple Pepper Cold Smoked Atlantic Salmon

Our Maple Pepper cold smoked Atlantic salmon follows the same processing formulas that our traditional smoked salmon goes through with the additional curing time with locally produced amber maple syrup and freshly crushed peppercorns. A true Canadian delicacy and the prefect blend of sweet and a little bit of heat!


“Double Smoked” Cold Smoked Atlantic Salmon

This is a cold smoked salmon product that will keep you guessing each and every time you take a bite. It carries a depth of flavor that is truly unique and a “trade secret” to our business. It even has its own trademark and patented process.


Gravadlax Atlantic Salmon

Our Gravadlax Atlantic Salmon is cured using an “old world” blend of organic sugars and salts along with our secret mixture of freshly ground aromatics. It is a true Scandinavian delight!


Blueberry Gravadlax

Our blueberry Gravadlax is cured using the same old world methods as our “Nirvana” gets its cure from, but we infuse this secret blend with 100% PEI blueberries. It creates an earthy natural flavour that can never be replicated. It truly is an exceptional unique food sensation